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Selasa, 05 Juli 2011

Home » » Final Cut Pro X + Motion 5 + Compressor 4 [English] (2011)

Final Cut Pro X + Motion 5 + Compressor 4 [English] (2011)

Final Cut Pro X + Motion 5 + Compressor 4 [English] (2011) | 4.38 GB
Final Cut Pro X + Motion 5 + Compressor 4 [English] (2011) | 4.38 GB
The new Final Cut Studio more than a hundred new features and innovative technologies for film, so that you can work faster, collaborate more effectively and achieve superior results.
Year: 2011
Name of Operating System: Mac OS X
Assembling: Final Cut Pro 10 / Motion 5 / Compressor 4
Language: English

System requirements:
Version OS X: 10.6.6 or later
Intel Core 2 Duo or better
RAM: 2Gb
Video Memory: 256
Size: 4.65 GB

Final Cut Pro X - the biggest breakthrough in the field of professional video editing since the introduction of Final Cut Pro, - said Philip Schiller, senior vice president of product marketing for Apple. - We have shown this program to many among the world's top experts in video editing, and they were just amazed. "

"I am delighted with what Apple did with Final Cut Pro, - said Angus Wall, Oscar-winning film editor. - Final Cut Pro X - incredibly fast and modern program, and most importantly - it saves you from having to be involved in the technical details of manipulating them with his hand and letting you focus solely on the story and its creative story. "

At the heart of Final Cut Pro X is a flexible timeline Magnetic Timeline, which offers a new approach to video editing without the tracks with the ability to add and organize videos as easy to author, while other clips immediately disappear from the screen. The author can use the Clip Connections for bonding with other clips basic elements such as captions and sound effects, while maintaining perfect synchronization of all elements regardless of their movement. Author can combine related within the meaning of the elements in a composite video (Compound Clip), which can be edited as a single. A revolutionary new feature allows you to switch inside Auditions clip art, instantly comparing alternate takes.

Automatic content analysis tool scans your files while importing them and assigns them a tag with useful information. Subsequently, Final Cut Pro X uses this information to organize clips in a dynamic mode in Smart Collections («smart collections") to easily find the right types of files or videos with a certain number of people find the right major, medium, or a common plan. You can also assign keywords to specific parts of the sequence of adding your personal search criteria to their files.

Additional information
Rebuilt from the ground up to meet the needs of today's creative editors, Final Cut Pro breaks free from the restrictions of old-fashioned timeline tracks. A new, dynamic editing interface lets you experiment freely while working with extraordinary speed and precision.
Magnetic Timeline
Suddenly, everything falls into place.
With a visual simplicity that reveals powerful professional tools just when you need them, the Magnetic Timeline in Final Cut Pro offers an exceptionally fluid, flexible way to edit. Assemble shots with ease as clips "magnetically" close up to eliminate unwanted black gaps in the timeline. Similarly, clips move out of the way to avoid clip collisions and sync problems, so you can focus on creating your story. Interactive animations show you exactly what's happening in the timeline as you work, so you can easily try out new ideas.
Clip Connections
Keep it together.
Clip Connections are an easy way to place clips such as B-roll, sound effects, and music in the timeline so that they all move together as you make changes - even in the most complex projects. Final Cut Pro automatically creates a Clip Connection when you drag a secondary element to the timeline.
Compound Clips
Say goodbye to timeline clutter.
With Compound Clips, you can group a complex set of elements and collapse them into a single clip. This removes clutter from the timeline and creates a simplified version of the segment that's easy to move or duplicate. Reuse a Compound Clip in other projects - for example, for a unique sound design with layered sound effects. Or use a Compound Clip to add an effect to multiple shots with a click. Step into a Compound Clip or expand it at any time to make changes to individual elements.
Inline Precision Editor
Perfect the pacing.
Right in the timeline.
The Magnetic Timeline improves on traditional ways of trimming, including ripple, roll, slip, and slide edits. If you need additional control, double-click an edit to open the Precision Editor and make trims directly in the timeline. The Precision Editor expands your view of the edit point so you can see both used and unused portions of your clips. Then skim entire clips and adjust edit points with a click.
It's never been easier to
choose the perfect shot.
With the unique Auditions feature, you can collect multiple alternative shots at a single location in the timeline and quickly cycle through them in context. Test different B-roll shots, different reads of the same lines, different color grades for the same shot, or different effects. Or use Auditions to create multiple versions of your project for different deliverables and venues. It's easy to create an Audition - simply drag shots of any length to the same place in the timeline and choose "Add to Audition." As you try out different shots, the Magnetic Timeline keeps everything in sync.

Installation Procedure
Software Installation:
1. Unzip the images
2. Drag and drop files into my program
3. Install an additional package FCPContent.dmg
4. Check for updates

Why do I need Crack.dmg:
You can get around without it, all the programs in this distribution is treated. But if you want to see your AppStore Final Cut as a set, you can copy a folder in the package _MASReceipt Final Cut with the replacement.
FinalCut ProX crack:
Right click in FianlCut app choose show package contents and:
Copy _MASReceipt to: Contents, replacing it






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