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Selasa, 21 Juni 2011

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Xara Designer Pro

Xara Designer Pro
Xara Designer Pro | 115 MB

Producing vector illustrations is quick and easy using the comprehensive drawing tools, but many of the advanced features which Xara pioneered - such as transparency and real-time anti-aliasing - can be applied to both vector and bitmap images. Rather than falling into the bloatware trap that is common with graphics products, Xara has concentrated on creating the world's best implementation of the essential toolset that designers really need, in order to ensure that working with Xara X can be both highly creative and very productive. As well as all the drawing tools you would expect, Xara X offers options such as automated shadows, bevels and contours, pressure sensitive brush stroking, multi-stage graduated fills and feathering.
Xara Xtreme can produce compact, highly optimized graphics, making it an ideal choice for creating web graphics, and with this in mind we have added a tools to aid in creating graphics for the web, such as a NavBar tool, image slicing capability and Dreamweaver integration. As the name suggests Pro includes additional features most likely to be used by professional designers.

Professional features:

- Xara3D included
- PDF/X export
- RAW photo import
- XPS support
- Color separation support
- PANTONE color support

Levels XPE plug-in

- Multi-page documents
- Short cut key configuration

General features:

- Speed
- Compatibility
- Adobe Photoshop PSD import and export
- Text handling
- Direct Action Tools
- Drag & drop
- Solid object dragging
- Undo / redo
- Zoom
- Anti-aliasing
- Color support
- Printing
- PDF export
- The Clipart Gallery
- Bitmap Tracer
- Profiles
- Name gallery
- Templates
Photo features:

- Choice of Photo Editors
- The XPE Photo Edit Single click auto-enhance
- Crop & Rotate
- Red Eye Removal
- Maintain photo quality
- Magic undo
- Third party plug-ins
- Photo Compression
- Advanced photo work
- MAGIX Xtreme Photo Designer

Illustration features:

- Drawing tools
- Transparency
- Blending
- Feathering
- Contours
- Bevels
- Fills
- Shadows
- Brushes
- Molds / envelopes
- Text handling
- ClipView
- Pressure sensitivity
- Live Effects

Web features:

- Animated Flash Export
- Navigation buttons
- Flash export (.swf)
- Animation
- Dreamweaver integration
- Hexadecimal RGB web col Image slicing
- Image maps
- Exporting and optimizing
- Linked stretching


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